Climbing Snowdon in Winter

Two climbers on Central Trinity gully on SnowdonThis photo shows two climbing pals of mine on Central Trinity gully on Snowdon on 2nd Feb 2012. Jealous? I was when I saw it. While I was stuck at my desk, no doubt writing some dull report, they were out there in lovely Wales, going up this gully in some great looking conditions. They tell me it wasn’t as steep as it looks, but it still looks pretty exhilirating to me. They were buzzing so much when then finished it, over a bottle of single malt they started talking about the North Face of the Eiger! A little optimistic perhaps but it was that type of day.

So if you fancy some winter walking, what technical gear would be useful?

Here are a few ideas if you’re planning to head for the hills while it’s all white. Some of this kit is used by me, some by friends, some has been recommended by others;

Scarpa Manta four season boot – 6 times winner of Trail’s best 4 season boot, the Manta is hard to beat for comfort and fit on more technical mountain walks.

Grivel G12 Newmatic Crampons – A classic 12-point crampon that can be adjusted by hand, thus eliminating the need to carry tools which add weight and are often lost. Designed for moderate to mid-grade snow & ice and mixed routes, the front points can also successfully tackle the occasional pitch of steep or vertical ice.

Grivel Munro ice axe – From November to May in Scotland (and all year-round in the Alps) mountain walkers trekking above the snowline appreciate the security afforded by a solidly built ice axe. From cutting steps to arresting a slip, the Munro is a trusty friend.

Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket – The Neutrino Endurance is the benchmark goose down jacket for modern mountaineering and lightweight ascents.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should only head out once you have all the proper gear, have suitable experience and skills, and the proper provisions and relevant emergency equipment.

The mountains in Winter are no time for mucking around, so always make sure you know what you are doing and that you have told someone exactly what you are planning and where you are going. Start your education here.


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